Key Stage 3 6 hours per fortnight
Key Stage 4 Combined Science (Edexcel), 9 hours per fortnight
Separate Sciences (Edexcel),  14 hours per fortnight
Edexcel entry level certificate also available for some students
Key Stage 5 A Level Biology – OCR
A Level Chemistry – AQA
A Level Physics – AQA
9 hours per fortnight in Y12 and 8 hours per fortnight in Y13

Subject Information

Science is an important part of our school curriculum. We aim to provide students with a curriculum that maintains curiosity whilst allowing for creativity, imagination and independence. Students will improve their understanding of scientific concepts, whilst also developing their skills in areas such as teamwork, co-operation and resilience. Students are encouraged to appreciate the wonder of the world around them and understand the vital role science plays in all aspects of society, from advancing technologies to protecting the environment. The faculty also works to raise aspirations and give students an understanding of the limitless opportunities available to them by giving insight into a wide range of STEAM careers.

As our pupils move from Key Stage 3 into Key Stage 4, they are given the option to study either combined Science or 3 separate GCSEs following the Edexcel 9-1 curriculum. Students in Y11 then have the opportunity to choose from 3 A Level options – Biology (OCR), Chemistry (AQA) and Physics (AQA).


Mrs J McGregor (JMG)           Head of Science Faculty & Chemistry / Physics lead

Dr J Rennison (JAR)                 Assistant Head of Faculty & Biology lead

Miss S Hillman (SHN)              Teacher of Science & KS3 Lead

Mr S Jones (SJ)                        Teacher of Science

Mrs C Longdon (CL)                Teacher of Science

Mr J McKay (JBM)                   Teacher of Science & Assistant Head of Year 10

Dr R Pollock (RP)                     Teacher of Science

Mrs J Williams (JJW)               Teacher of Science

Additional Information

Students are provided with a range of extra-curricular activities that encourage wider participation and challenge them beyond the curriculum. Residential trips to PGL, London and CERN engage students with Science and its wider application as well as promoting science careers, building character and resilience whilst also fostering positive relationships with teachers and peers. Guest speakers from Universities and STEAM careers, University lab days and national Science competitions are just a small number of opportunities also open to our students.

Science equipment

Students are expected to have basic stationary equipment (pens, pencils, ruler, eraser etc) and a calculator.  Students would also benefit from having a green pen for corrections and a highlighter.

Subject Content