Key Stage 3 1 hour per fortnight Y7 – 7 hours per fortnight
Y8 & Y9 – 6 hours per fortnight
Key Stage 4 GCSE ENGLISH LANGUAGE (WJEC specification)   (8 hours per fortnight GCSE ENGLISH LITERATURE (WJEC specification)  combined) Optional GCSE MEDIA STUDIES (WJEC specification) 5 hours per fortnight
Key Stage 5 A Level ENGLISH LITERATURE (WJEC specification)
A Level MEDIA STUDIES (WJEC specification)
9 hours per fortnight in Y12 and 8 hours per fortnight in Y13

Subject Information

Einstein said of education that “it is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”; without knowledge our young people would not have the power to shape our future world. Through a thematic curriculum, students will learn about the past, present and future. Students will read, study and write a range of literary and non-literary texts to cultivate a love of learning that will transcend the classroom and develop their understanding of our world. Through strong relationships with our students we will teach the power of spoken and written language so that our young people have the words to challenge, persuade and shape a better world, not only for themselves but for all of us, including the next generation. In Key Stage 4 our students will study the Eduqas GCSE English Language and Literature specifications and in Key Stage 5 we offer AQA Literature B. 


Mrs J Skinner (JHS)Head of English Faculty
Mrs A Underwood (AU)Assistant Head of English Faculty
Mrs J Wilson (JCW)Teacher of English and Curriculum Area Leader – Media Studies
Mrs J Gladden (JSG)Teacher of English and Literacy Coordinator
Mrs J Plumbley (JP)Teacher of English and Head of Year 10
Miss N Jeffries (NJJ)Teacher of English and KS3 Coordinator
Ms N Makda (NM)Teacher of English and Media Studies
Mr J WilsonTeacher of English
Mr K Wynne (KW)Teacher of English

Additional Information

Extra-Curricular Activities: Debate Club, Poetry Club and Anima Club

Students can engage in creative writing competitions such as mini-sagas. 

Our Yr8 pupils experience an event by a Liverpool Film company 

Our Yr9 pupils experience a performance of A Christmas Carol 

Our KS4 and 5 students experience events from Sovering Education which give them an insight into studying English at a higher level. 

Subject Content