Pupil Support

The Range High School Pastoral System

Tutor GroupForm Tutor
7AES Mr A Stalker
7AO Mr A Owens
7BG Mr B Goulding
7DEC Mr D Critchley
7GD Miss G Dennis
7JCH Mr J Chan
7JRG Miss J Griffiths
8AG (LMD) Mrs A Grace / Mrs L Darbyshire
8EF Mrs E Fox
8HT Miss H Templeton
8ELL Mrs J Gladden
8JSG Ms N Makda
8NM Mr T Mace
9ABO Mr A Bonner
9BC Miss B Curcuruto
9ELL Miss E Li
9IC Mr I Cropper
9JHS Mrs J Skinner
9PP Mr P Povey
10AU Mrs A Underwood
10CL Mrs C Longdon
10CP Ms C Parry
10HP Mrs H Povey
10JCW (KW) Mrs J Wilson / Mr K Wynne
10LR Mr L Robinson
10NJJ Miss N Jeffreys
10SH Miss S Hill
11AMM (VJD) Mrs V Davies / Mrs A Murray
11AR Mrs A Raffo
11CDA Miss C Davies
11DL Mr D Linley
11EL (GE) Ms G Ellison / Mrs L Latty
11HDB (SB) Mrs S Bartlett / Ms H Belle
11KHU Mr K Hughes
11SJ Mr S Jones
6CBR Mrs C Bridge
6JAR Dr J Rennison
6JJW Mrs J McGregor
6JMG Mrs K Holloway
6KH Mrs K Holloway
6RC Mr R Cadwell
6RG Ms R Gooding
6SHN Miss S Hillman

Key Senior Staff

Mrs G Phillips Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum / 14-19 Education)
Mr Christopher Tees Assistant Headteacher (Safeguarding / PD)
Mr T Dolly Senior Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Julie McGugan Assistant Headteacher (Safeguarding / PD)
Mrs Victoria Ashworth Assistant Headteacher (Behaviour / Attendance)

All pupils have a form tutor with whom they remain throughout their time at Range High School. This tutor plays a crucial role in monitoring welfare, conduct and progress and it would normally be your child’s tutor or Head of Year whom you should contact in the first instance if you need to discuss academic and/or social progress.

Wherever possible we ask parents to make an appointment prior to seeing a tutor or Head of Year. By so doing it will prevent your arrival at school coinciding with the time when the member of staff is teaching. In the event of an emergency we will, of course, make a member of staff available to see you.

Routine notes (to explain absences etc) should be addressed to the tutor, notes about Physical Education and Games to the Physical Education teacher and letters about other matters to the Head of Year, who will consult the appropriate member of staff, effect the necessary course of action, and keep the Headteacher informed.