Key Stage 31 hour per fortnight
Key Stage 4GCSE Drama (AQA), 5 hours per fortnight
Key Stage 5A Level Theatre Studies (AQA)

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Kelly Pollock from Stage Door Productions says that:

‘The true purpose of Arts Education is not necessarily to create more professional actors and performers – it is to create more complete human beings who are critical thinkers.  Have curious mind, who can lead productive lives’.

This is at the heart of everything that we strive to achieve within our department. We are committed to providing a creative, safe environment for our students in all key stages in order for them to flourish. We want all our students to be able to express themselves and experiment with ideas. We constantly challenge our students to self-reflect and support them in achieving their goals whether that be improving their confidence or pursuing drama outside of the classroom.

Our curriculum is varied at all key stages ensuring that students experience drama in many forms including: Performing, designing for the theatre, writing about the theatre and researching theatrical practitioners.

We aim to provide our students with the skills and knowledge they need should they wish to study Drama at GCSE level, A level and beyond and well as harnessing the inter-personal skills which are valued in the workplace such as time management, creativity and co-operation – The Drama Curriculum here at Range centres around pupils developing their personal skills alongside their subject related skills.  


Mrs A Grace (AG)Curriculum Area Leader for Drama
Mrs L Darbyshire (LMD)Teacher of Drama

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