Art & Photography


Key Stage 31 hour per week
Key Stage 4GCSE Art (AQA), 5 hours per fortnight GCSE Photography (AQA), 5 hours per fortnight
Key Stage 5A Level Art and Design (AQA) A Level Photography (AQA) 8/9 hours per fortnight

Subject Information

The Art and Photography curriculum at Range High School is highly successful due to the weaving of skill and process throughout the Key Stages. It allows pupils to flourish, develop artistic building blocks and abilities early and refine them during GCSE and A level ready for a career in the creative industries. Regular feedback, assessment and tracking permits staff to tailor their teaching to enable all pupils to progress and students use feedback to improve their work adding value to the process. Our highly successful Art department delivers a media exciting curriculum that is built around topics, the structure is based on observing, researching, developing ideas and media skills and creating outcomes. Pupils are taught a variety of technical skills and tool control essential for success, a workshop style develops pupils’ love of the subject with excellent student uptake at GCSE and beyond.


Mrs E Fox (EF)Head of Faculty for PE and Expressive Arts and Curriculum Area Leader for Art
Ms C Davies (CDA)Teacher of Art and Photography
Ms S Baskerville (SLB)Teacher of Art
Mrs J Swift (JAS)Art Technician

Additional Information

We have a vast amount of enrichment activities in the Arts and pupils feel valued and part of a creative community where art club is regularly attended by students from all key stages. We run and participate in many events and have a Creative Council, a group of pupils across all year groups who help support the arts within school and our community. One of the many unique qualities of our GCSE course is our owl day, we organise for rescued raptors to be brought into the department and pupils are given the opportunity to draw from them as a primary source. We have a programme of events that facilitate encounters with professionals, such as artist visits and trips to the Liverpool Tate. At A level, students have the opportunity to go on a European city trip to support their personal investigation and also visit the Liverpool Galleries. Cultural capital is at the heart of all we do in Art, pupils try their best when placed in an environment of challenge and personalisation.

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