Teaching Staff

Staff NameDepartment / Subject Area
Mr M McGarry Headteacher
Mr T Dolly Deputy Headteacher / History
Dr C Ainsworth Assistant Headteacher 14-19 / Modern Foreign Languages / Head of Sixth Form
Mrs G Phillips Assistant Headteacher Curriculum / Maths / PE
Mr D Cregeen Assistant Headteacher (Personal Development) / PE
Ms V Ashworth Assistant Headteacher / Business
Ms V Alexander Associate SENDCO / Health & Social Care
Miss H Ball French
Mr A Bonner History / RE
Mr A Brigden Science
Mrs C Bridge CAL RE / Sociology
Mr R Cadwell Strategic Leader ICT / CAL Computing / ICT
Mrs Livia Chadwick Design Technology
Ms M Clarke Computing / ICT (Maternity leave cover)
Mr I Cropper Head of Y7 / PE
Mr P Cunningham Media (Maternity leave cover)
Mrs L Darbyshire Drama
Miss C Davies Art
Mrs V Davies Music
Ms H De Belle CAL Food Technology / Textiles
Mrs L Dillon Work Related Learning Co-ordinator/ Pupil Support Manager / Attendance Manager
Mr K Duddridge Mathematics
Ms G Ellison HOF Numeracy & Mathematics
Mrs D Foster Computing / ICT
Mrs E Fox HOF PE & Expressive Arts / CAL Art
Mrs L Gallagher Assistant Head of Y8 / Dance
Mrs J Gladden Literacy Coordinator / English
Ms R Gooding Careers Guidance & Education
Mrs A Grace CAL Drama / English
Miss J Griffiths KS3 Coordinator / Mathematics
Miss S Hill Mathematics
Miss S Hillman Science
Mrs A Holker Food Technology / Textiles
Mrs K Holloway HOF Computing / ICT / Business Education
Mr K Hughes CAL Citizenship & PSHE / Geography
Miss N Jeffreys KS3 Coordinator / English
Mr S Jones Science
Mr C Jump Head of Year 9 / Mathematics
Mr A Kearney History
Ms E Latty AHOF Mathematics
Mr S Leddy Design Technology
Miss C Lewandowska Art
Miss E Li Mathematics
Mr D Linley Mathematics
Mrs C Longdon Science
Mr T Mace HOF Design Technology
Ms N Makda English / Media Studies
Mr S Martin Business Education / Citizenship
Mrs J McGregor HOF Science / CAL Chemistry
Mrs J McGugan Professional Mentor for ITT and Induction Tutor for NQTs, Geography
Ms G McGuire Mathematics
Mr J McKay Assistant Head of Year 10 / Science / Chemistry
Mrs A M Murray CAL History
Mrs Lisa Nolan SENDCO
Ms C Parry HOF Modern Languages/CAL Spanish
Mrs J Plumbley Head of Year 10 / English
Dr R Pollock Science
Mr P Povey CAL Music
Mrs A Raffo CAL Business Education
Dr J Rennison AHOF Science / CAL Biology
Dr J Richards Modern Languages
Mr L Robinson Assistant CAL PE / PE
Miss J Richards Modern Languages
Miss J Rimmer Science, Tutor Group 7A
Mrs C Rowlands Subject Leader Law
Miss A Seagraves Head of Year 11 / PE
Ms K Singleton CAL PE
Mrs J Skinner HOF English & Literacy / CAL English
Mrs J Stewart Modern Foreign Languages
Mr C Tees HOF Humanities & CAL Geography
Miss H Templeton Geography
Mrs A Underwood AHOF English
Mr A Whitehill Business Studies
Mrs C Williams Psychology
Mrs J Williams Science
Mr J Wilson English
Mrs J Wilson CAL Media / Acting AHOF English
Mr K Wynne Psychology / English