Media Studies

Key Stage 4GCSE Media Studies (EDUQAS) 5 hours per fortnight
Key Stage 5A Level GCSE (EDUQAS) 9 hours per fortnight in Year 12 and 8 hours per fortnight in Year 13

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Media Studies is an exciting, ever developing subject and the media literacy of young people is currently a focus of the Government.

Media Literacy can be described as the ability to critically and confidently identify types of media and the messages they are sending to their users. In the age of social media and online media the ease with which anybody can be a media author it is increasingly important that young people can identify what is real and what is false so that they can have informed and clear views on the world.

Our media curriculum allows for students to develop the following skills:


Mrs Wilson (JCW)                   Curriculum Area Leader for Media Studies and teacher of English

Mrs Makda (NM)                    Teacher of English and Media Studies

Mrs Plumbley (JP)                   Teacher of English and Media Studies and Head of Year 10

Mrs Derbyshire (LMD)            Teacher of Drama and Media Studies

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