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Key Stage 3All pupils study French or Spanish. Year 7: 5 hours per fortnight.  Years 8 : 6 hours per fortnight Year 9: 5 hours per fortnight.
Key Stage 4GCSE French / Spanish / German (AQA specification), 5 hours per fortnight. Level 1/2 Vocational Award in Global Business Communication with French/Spanish (EDUQAS)
Key Stage 5A Level French / Spanish / German    (AQA specification)     9 hours per fortnight in Y12 and Y13

Subject Information

Languages are an important part of our school curriculum and we are excited to offer all pupils the opportunity to study a language in Key Stage 4.  As a school, we value the role that language learning has to play in helping our pupils to become well-rounded adults who can contribute in an increasingly globalised world, by communicating effectively, both orally and in writing, in a foreign language.

We aim to provide our pupils with a curriculum that maintains curiosity, whilst developing an understanding of the rapidly changing world that we live in, and an appreciation of different cultures.  Knowledge, application and skills are the core of our curriculum.  We aim to educate our pupils of the benefits of learning a language and also develop life-long skills which will equip pupils for the world of work such as aural and oral skills, concentration, memory, presentation and teamwork.  Our curriculum also develops creativity, risk-taking, intuition and sensitivity. Ultimately, we want our pupils to have a sense of achievement and enjoyment.

In addition pupils can study languages at A Level.


Ms C Parry (CP)Head of Faculty and Curriculum Area Leader for Spanish
Miss H Ball (HB)Teacher of French and Spanish
Miss B Curcuruto (BC) Teacher of French and Spanish
Ms J Richards (JMR)    Teacher of French and German
Mr A Stalker (AES)       Curriculum Area Leader for French

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