Key Stage 3Core PSHE – Year 7 and 8 – 1 hour per week GCSE Citizenship – Year 9 – 1 hour per week
Key Stage 4GCSE Citizenship – Year 10 – 1 hour per week Core PSHE – Year 11 – 1 hour per fortnight
Key Stage 5PSHE and Citizenship Programme of study

Subject Information – 2022/23

PSHE & Citizenship

The vision of delivering PSHE and Citizenship at Range High School is that it can become the means by which our students can become resilient individuals who are prepared, informed and equipped for an ever-changing world to which they feel certain they can contribute in a meaningful way.

Our vision is ambitious yet personalised to our students. At the core of our subject is the responsibility to educate our students to make positive contributions to their future as well as empowering them to become world changers; able to make decisions and become global citizens. Whether this be through them better understanding themselves, through campaigning or a future career.  We expose our students to local, national and international issues, encourage them to find solutions to the risks. We believe it is our privilege and duty to share with our students, the opportunities around them and therefore we teach our students core life skills, promoting them in becoming critical thinkers and reflective young adults.

In turn, our vision is that the lessons encourage our students to look at the world with an informed and enquiring mind, where they are equipped to leave Range High, with the skill-set and ability to become confident, informed and questioning young adults, with the future to which they aspire.


At Range High School we believe that our high quality Relationships and Sex Education will stay with our pupils for life. RSE is not about encouraging teenagers to become sexually active nor is it about promoting any particular lifestyle of relationship choice. RSE is about providing pupils with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make safe, healthy and informed relationship choices as young people and in the future as adults. RSE at Range is pioneering an innovative curriculum fit for the world our young people are living in. We believe in empowering our pupils to understand their bodies, to reflect on their relationship values and to be able to openly discuss relationships and sex. We believe that this approach will reduce the risk of unhealthy and abusive relationships. At Range we are committed to the important role that RSE plays in pupils’ holistic education and we aim to build on the RSE programmes covered in Primary School.


Mr Hughes (KHU)       Curriculum Area Leader for PSHE and Citizenship
Mr Martin (SM)Teacher of GCSE Citizenship 
Mrs Murray (AMM)Teacher of GCSE Citizenship 
Mrs Povey (HP)Teacher of GCSE Citizenship 

Additional Information

Extracurricular clubs to raise awareness and take action:

Person in charge – Mrs Wilson

Main Aim – To encourage students to love and appreciate outdoor activities

Person in charge – Mr Wilson

Main Aim – To debate current issues in a safe and respectful environment

Person in charge – Mrs Longdon, Miss Templeton and Mrs Derbyshire

Main Aim – To raise awareness of issues surrounding areas such as LGBTQ+ and other current and topical issues

Person in charge – Mr Hughes

Main Aim – To raise awareness of environmental issues and to take action as a school community

Subject Content