At Range High School we challenge our pupils to achieve the best they can academically and also to develop as well rounded, responsible and caring young adults.

We treat them as individuals and support them as and when they need it in many different ways. We take pride in the fact that the vast majority flourish as successful learners, enjoy their time here, contribute positively to our community, develop their talents and leave with a sense of ambition.

Range High School uses the UNICEF Convention on the Rights of the Child as the basis for the development of our ethos. Pupils and staff have identified 5 Articles from the charter to which they wish to give prominence in the school.

These are:

1. Article 28: Every child has the right to learn and go to school

2. Article 12: Every child has the right to say what they think in matters concerning them
and to have their views taken seriously

3. Article 19: Every child has the right not to be harmed

4. Article 23: Every child has the right to have special care and support according to
individual needs.

5. Article 29: Every child has the right to be the best that they can be.