Range High School uses a digital platform called Show My Homework for setting and recording homework.

Students and parents have been issued with individual usernames and passwords to enable them to access a personalised online homework calendar. You can watch a short troubleshooting video we have prepared to explain how to log in to Show My Homework for students and parents.

There is also a comprehensive help section with User Guides on the website. If you have any technical issues or any queries that cannot be resolved please send an email to admin@range.sefton.sch.uk .

To view the whole school calendar of homework, click here.

Year 7 Homework Timetable 2019-20

Year 8 Homework Timetable 2019-20

Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3, students should be spending on average 30 minutes per subject in Year 7, rising to 45 minutes in Year 9.

Year 7Year 7Year 8Year 8Year 9Year 9
English 6 4 6 4 6 4
Science 6 3 6 3 7 4
Languages 6 3 6 3 6 3
Technology 4 2 4 2 3 2
Maths 6 4 6 4 6 4
Geography 3 1 3 1 3 1
History 3 1 3 1 3 1
RE 2 1 2 1 2 1
ICTICT homework will be a project to be completed over the duration of a term. This will equate to approximately one hour of work at home per fortnight.


Key Stage 4

Given the nature of study in KS4 and 5 the setting of homework is left to the professional judgement of teaching staff. Again it is recommended that homework is set regularly and appropriately. It is understood that there will be peaks and troughs at different times during the school year for each subject due to controlled assessments, varying examination dates etc.

Independent study should also be an expectation at KS4 and 5.

Homework / Study should take approximately 90 to 120 minutes in KS4.

Key Stage 5

Students should be working for a duration appropriate to their target grade and aspiration in KS5.