Physical Education

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Key Stage 32 hours per week
Key Stage 4Core PE:  2 hours per fortnight GCSE PE (AQA) GCSE DANCE (AQA) CAMBRIDGE NATIONAL Sport Science (OCR)
Key Stage 5A Level PE (AQA) Cambridge Technical Sport and Physical Activity (OCR)

Subject Information

Physical Education is an important part of our school curriculum.  As a school we value Physical Education for the part it plays in physical, social and mental well-being.  We want our pupils to experience a wide range of activities and sports and in turn we want pupils to develop a love of physical activity and see this as something they will want to continue to do once they have left school because it contributes to their overall well-being.  We aim to educate our pupils of the benefits of regular exercise and also develop their skills in areas such as teamwork, co-operation and resilience.  As our pupils move from Key Stage 3 into Key Stage 4 we introduce a greater element of choice and focus on introducing pupils to activities that encourage an active lifestyle and positive well-being.  In addition to core Physical Education in Years 7-11 pupils can also opt to study GCSE Physical Education and/or Cambridge National Sport Science, GCSE Dance in Years 10 and 11 and A level PE or Cambridge Technical Sport and Physical Activity in Year 12 and 13.


Mr Owens (AO)Curriculum Area Leader for Physical Education
Mr Cropper (IC)Assistant Curriculum Area Leader for Physical Education
Ms Singleton (KS)Teacher of Physical Education and Head of Year 8
Mrs Gallagher (LGA)Teacher of Physical Education and Dance and Assistant Head of Year 7  
Mrs Phillips (GP)Teacher of Physical Education and Deputy Headteacher
Ms Seagraves (AS)Teacher of Physical Education
Mr Robinson (LR)Teacher of Physical Education

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