Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award gives our pupils opportunities to develop and flourish in their personal, social and teamwork skills. We will support the program in the school at Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels. We have chosen to focus our school resources on the large number of pupils who enrol on the Bronze Award, and from now on we will only manage the Bronze Award in school.

Pupils who wish to enrol on the Silver or Gold Award have a number of different providers who can co-ordinate the Award for them and we will support pupils to make contact with them. A full list of providers is available from our DofE Manager.

For pupils who wish to enrol on the Bronze Award for the first time this year and in the future, the new D of E Manager is Mrs Jean Riding. She will be available one day a week in school (currently Tuesday from 12 noon) in the D of E Office. You can also contact her at the following email address: jr@range.sefton.sch.uk

What is D of E?

Welcome to the Duke of Edinburgh Award


Introducing D of E

Levels and Timescales

Parent Link to Information  https://www.dofe.org/do/parents/

Information about the Physical, Skill and Volunteering Sections and Gold Residential






Ideas of what to do for each section of the Award

Using eDofE

Starting to use the eDofE – video link

Setting Up the eDofE APP

Setting up your activities on eDofE – video link

How to complete a section on eDofE

How to complete sections on the eDofE APP

To complete an Assessor Report on eDofE 

Recording sheets for your sections


Recording sheets for your sections

Activity Log – Physical

Activity Log – Skills

Activity Log – Volunteering

Please contact Mrs Riding at school, in the first instance, if you have any queries about the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.