Key Stage 3 3 hours per fortnight
Key Stage 4 GCSE History (Edexcel),  5 hours per fortnight Edexcel)
Key Stage 5 A Level History (OCR) 9 hours per fortnight in Y12 and 8 hours per fortnight in Y13

Subject Information

History is an important part of our school curriculum.  As a school we believe in teaching History to young people in a way that enables them to understand and question the world around them.  They will develop essential skills in order to think independently and evaluate the mass of information the modern world confronts them with.  History is a subject which should be accessible to, and should enthuse, all pupils regardless of their ability and background.  Learning about History helps root children leading to a better understanding of themselves, the rights previous generations have fought for, and the responsibilities which can help them feel an important part of the communities they are all a part of.  All pupils study History at Key Stage 3 and can opt to study GCSE History (Edexcel) and A Level History (OCR) in the sixth form.   


Ms Murray (AMM)                 Curriculum Area Leader for History

Mr Bonner (ABO)                    Teacher of History and Curriculum Mentor

Mr Kearney (AK)                     Teacher of History

Mr Dolly (TD)                          Teacher of History and Deputy Headteacher

Additional Information

We run a number of educational trips and visits across all three key stages to enrich learning:

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