School Rules

Range is our school. We come here to learn – So:

At the beginning and end of lessons:

Three strikes system for poor behaviour in class:

Detention System

Failure to attend a detention and failure to behave appropriately in detention results in the next, longer detention.

In Registration

Break Time

Lunch Time

  • The front of the school is out of bounds
  • Pupils must have a pas to enter lunch early
  • Pupils must have a pass to leave the premises (and to go home only)
  • Pupils may not take hot food out of the Dining Area
  • Y10 can queue along the Music Corridor from 12.25
  • There is a designated order for Y7, 8 and 9 which changes each half term
  • The first KS3 Year group queues from the middle doors into the garden
  • The other 2 year groups queue outside
  • There is no entry at lunchtime through the Sports Hall Doors to the Art Theatre Doors
  • Pupils who have a locker on the Music Corridor must leave their P3 lesson, walk round the outside and enter by the Quad doors