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Reverend Matt Davis visited Range on Thursday to take part in a Q&A session with our Year 10 GCSE class. Pupils asked him questions related to their study of Christianity. Questions included, ‘What is the Church of England’s position on predestination?'

About 2 days ago from Range High School's Twitter

"“The Governing Body is delighted that the hard work of our pupils and staff has led to these excellent results and we would like to congratulate them all.”"

Dr Thomas, Chair of Governors

Range Pupils Celebrate GCSE Results!

78% of pupils at Range High School achieved at least a grade 4 in Maths and English, the new Government measure.

Headteacher Graham Aldridge said;

“We are delighted with the results our pupils have achieved today, and I congratulate them all. They have worked incredibly hard to achieve them, helped by hard-working staff and supportive families. It has been particularly challenging for pupils across the country this year with the introduction of more challenging exams and a new grading system in English and Maths.  We look forward to supporting them in the next step in their education.”