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Women's Six Nations Team of the Tournament, as voted for by the British public - no. 5 Sarah  Beckett and no 10 Holly Aitchison- both ex- Range High! #rangeready #rangeisbest

About 5 months ago from Range High School's Twitter

Y8 Pupils see their Work Published!

Every year a national competition is organised and ran by an initiative called Young Writers. The Young Writers scour the country for the most talented young people in all disciplines of creative writing, from mini-sagas to poetry in a bid to publish their works in regional collections.

Range High School are proud to announce that last year saw a number of our, then, year 7 and 8 students published in two separate publications. Last week Mr McGarry was honoured to present students with certificates and books acknowledging their fantastic achievements in creative writing.

The first publication arrived in school and is titled “Mission Contamination: It’s Going Viral” and is a collection of mini-sagas. Holly Connolly, Summer Greene, Lola Thomas, Emily Scott Norton, Eva Coe and Jasmine Booth were all selected by the Young Writers judges as worthy entries for this recent publication. Below are some of their works.

More recently a collection of Poetry entitled “Poetry Escape” is to be released with work from three more students to be included. Our librarian eagerly awaits the next instalment of work from Amelia McInegart, Emily Scott-Norton and Molly Large.  All three of these girls have been awarded a certificate of Merit from the judges.

Current students across all key stages have been invited to enter the first of this year’s competition entitled, “Through Their Eyes”. Students are challenged with the task of writing a poem from the perspective of somebody or something other than themselves.

Some early ideas have included writing from the perspective of a pet dog, from the perspective of Anne Frank and even from the perspective of Time itself.

We can’t wait to see how well everybody gets on as we aim to get more and more students published in these upcoming competitions.

If you would like any more information about entering the “Through Their Eyes” competition please go and see your English teacher or Mrs Wilson in room 52. You can also find out more at The competition is open to all years aged 11-18 and the deadline for entries is Friday 11th October 2019.