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Women's Six Nations Team of the Tournament, as voted for by the British public - no. 5 Sarah  Beckett and no 10 Holly Aitchison- both ex- Range High! #rangeready #rangeisbest

About 5 months ago from Range High School's Twitter

Range Hosts Learning for Living Presentation Evening

In October, some students in Year 8 were given the opportunity to enter the Learning for Living Competition. It is a competition which involves all the cluster of Formby schools, both Primary and Secondary.  It is run by the John Templeton Foundation which is a worldwide organisation.

During an R.E. lesson the students were asked to write a short essay about something they have experienced and learnt a valuable lesson from. Out of their experience they had to derive a universal moral principle, that if this principle was adopted by everybody, the world would be a more positive, just and peaceful place to live.

The presentation evening was held at Range High School on Thursday 1st March 2018.  The following winners from Range High School were presented with a certificate and a cash award:

1st Ryan Noble

2nd Olivia Hughes

3rd  Molly Ebo

Ryan’s essay was also ‘highly commended’ by the judges.

In his essay, Ryan writes about respect, rather than discrimination. He highlights taking time to understand how or why someone is the way they are, is crucial in stamping out prejudice and discrimination. He writes,

“There have been occasions when I have experienced people prejudging and discriminating against me, although I think often they have not done it deliberately. Some people do seem curious about my disability and cause offence without meaning to do so.  In contrast, there are times when people purposely say or do hurtful things, just to put you down for who you are.

He concludes his essay by writing,

“If every person saw everyone else for who they really are underneath their skin, then everyone’s life would have the same value. I am a much happier person when people demonstrate an awareness of me as a whole rather than me, as disabled.”

Well done to all participants.

Mrs Bridge, CAL RE