Y6 Transition

Transition 2020

Hi and Welcome to Range High School! We are delighted you have chosen to come to us for the next phase of your learning journey. As our motto states, we will challenge you to be your best, we will support you on that journey and then watch you flourish; showing everyone what your true potential is.

Due to the uncertainty that surrounds us and restrictions on movements and daily life transition this year will look and feel somewhat different to usual. However, there are lots of people in school waiting to welcome you when the time is right and it’s safe for you to come in. We have been working hard behind the scenes, talking to your primary school teachers and to you and your families about who you are, what you enjoy and what you’re most looking forward to.


Transition Day

Currently we are unable to provide our normal transition days, but we are looking to see what we can do and if we can have you in school safely before the end of this academic year – we will be in touch if we can!


New Parents’ Information Evening 2020

We have two of these. Normally we have one with your transition day in June and then another just after you have started in October. Again, owing to the current situation, currently these plans are on hold. Should this situation change we will be in touch.


Summer School 2020

Mr Dougherty is hoping to run our summer camp. These plans are also currently paused due to the current situation and Government guidance. Mr Dougherty will be issuing more information towards the end of May.


School Uniform

The school has one approved uniform suppliers, Whittakers Schoolwear in Southport. The full uniform requirements are listed in the Uniform page of the Key Information section of this website.



We have been communicating with you and your children via letters and Parentmail. We have also been talking to your primary school; they have been telling us about all the wonderful things your children have been doing and the areas that your children excel in.

Should you have any queries regarding your children please do email us at admin@range.sefton.sch.uk and mark it as transition in the subject heading.


 Weekly task

We will be asking your children to complete a series of transition tasks. They won’t be big or demanding tasks, but it will be something to get them thinking about their move to secondary school. It should also help them reduce any anxiety about the move and get them organised and ready for their exciting new start in September!


Week commencing 1st June – Transition task 2

This week’s transition activity is designed to support you getting to know your new tutor and helping them get to know you a little better.

There have been lots of quizzes taking place since restrictions have been put in place.

Can you create a short quiz for your new tutor to complete on your favourite topic?

It could be about a football team, or your favourite sport or a favourite music band, or your favourite country.

Can you ensure that you name your work and state which primary school you currently attend please.

Email your quiz to y6transition@range.sefton.sch.uk


Week commencing 18th May – Transition task 1

This week’s transition activity is designed to support you with your journey to school. What will that be like and how to you plan to get here?

Can you draw a map or write a set of instructions on how you plan to get to school?

(You are not allowed to say I’m getting in the car and the sat nav will tell me! )

Can you ensure that you name your work and state which primary school you currently attend please.

Email your map to y6transition@range.sefton.sch.uk


Faculty Areas

Each week we will send you an introductory overview/task for each of the faculty areas that we have in school. Each faculty area covers different subjects. This should give you an idea of how the school is organised and the subjects you can study during your time here.

Here is a list of the faculty areas and what subjects they cover

  1. Maths
  2. English & Media Studies
  3. Science – Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  4. Humanities  –  Geography, History and RE
  5. Business Education – Business Studies and Computer Science
  6. Design Technology – Electronics, Resistant Materials, Graphics, Textiles, Food Technology
  7. PE & Expressive Arts – Art, Photography, Dance, Drama, Music and PE
  8. Modern foreign Languages – Spanish and French

English Task

Maths – Numerise