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Thanks to Mr Cregeen for his powerful assemblies to all yr groups this week on the effects of anti-social bullying. This can take form of racism, sexism, remarks about appearance etc. Pupils need to be aware of their actions + not cross line from banter to unacceptable bullying.

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Summer Spectacular is Huge Success!

This year, Range High School musicians and dancers joined together to produce for the very first ‘Summer Spectacular’. Along with students from St Luke’s and Woodlands Primary Schools, they took to the stage to entertain our local community at The Atkinson Theatre in Southport on Tuesday 25th June.

With over 70 dancers and musicians auditioning to perform, the competition was outstanding!! The standard of performances from all of the students involved was simply amazing and highlights the passion Range High School students have for the Expressive Arts.

We are so proud of all our singers, dancers and musicians. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next year!

Mr Povey, Head of Music