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The Range High School carol service is always an exceptional event combining selections of magnificent music and readings. Months of preparation go into making the carol service a fitting start to the Christmas festivities! Well done to everyone involved! #rangeready #rangeisbest

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Phenomenal Physics!

Y13 Physicists recently spent the day at Salford University, where they experienced five sessions of phenomenal Physics from some of the brightest lights in the field. Delving into Physics and its applications, it took students beyond their classroom experience with cutting-edge research, demos, plenty of discussion and even a session on examination success. The presentations were entitled:

‘Exploring the Invisible Universe’

‘The Physics of Smart Buildings’

‘Resistance is Futile – The Rise of Superconductors’

‘The SI Redefined’

‘Electrifying the Voice’

and encompassed the academic, practical, creative, economic and social breadth of pursuits relating to Physics, highlighting the diverse people involved and pathways available. While liquid nitrogen and levitation never fail to entertain, the star of the show was a silicon crystal (worth 3 million dollars according to Wikipedia and the most spherical object on Earth) produced as a universal standard kilogram.