Latest News: Robot Rangers Head to UK Final!

Robot Boys Croppped

A team from Range - Robot Rangers - has been selected to compete in the UK finals of the Tomorrow's Engineers EEP Robotics Challenge. As a winner in the first of three heats they will go head to head with teams from across the country at The Big Bang Fair on Friday 17 March 2017.

The winning team of 8 students built, programmed and controlled LEGO robots for a series of 'space missions'. They have also had to research, design, plan and present their own solution to a contemporary scientific problem - developed by LEGO Education with NASA.

The Tomorrow's Engineers EEP Robotics Challenge introduces student teams to real-world engineering, technology, robotics and computing challenges. The challenge aims to help students put their school learning into context and discover exciting new careers.

Mr Arnold (team teacher) said: 'The Robot Rangers have battled through to the national finals of the challenge by showing great commitment and perseverance. They've taken so much from the competition and developed some great skills that will be of use in school and into a career in the future. It is great to see all their hard work paying off.'

The students in the Robot Rangers are team members: Thomas Weekes (8SH) (team leader), Conor Bennett (8CT), Andrew Canavan (7AG), Harry Duffy (8SH), Joshua Horner (7EF), Stephen Knight (7EF), Thomas O'Donnell (7JT) and Matthew Redfern (8KS).

We wish them good luck in the final!

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