LATEST NEWS: Students meet Bill Esterson MP in drive to help Syrian Refugees!

Syrian Collection

Students have got involved with a Communication Worker's Union Humanitarian Aid (CWUHA) rganised drive for Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Year 10 student Megan Dwyer heard of the Humanitarian Aid drive last week, and in a few short days organised a school wide drive with help from her teachers Ms Ashworth and Mr Hughes.

On Thursday 9th November the students met with North West Chair of the CWU Dan Lewis, CWUHA Trustee Lenny Crook and local Labour MP Bill Esterson to deliver
their collection which was impressive enough to fill the entire collecting car.

Bill Esterson MP said "It was a pleasure to meet such a wonderful group of students so engaged in trying to make the world a better place. I would like to specifically thank Megan Dwyer who organised the drive. I am proud to have such students in my constituency, and such a school which encourages and nurtures this type of effort."

Student Megan Dwyer said "I heard about this drive a week ago and really wanted to do all I could to help. We're facing a refugee crisis at the moment after the atrocities in Syria, with millions displaced. Lebanon has a huge number of Syrians fleeing almost certain death from home, many of them women and children. Sending aid is the least we can do."

The CWUHA have sent a massive thank you to all of the teachers and students who helped donate and are overwhelmed with the support they've received from across the country.

The CWU Humanitarian Aid in partnership with MerseyAid are collecting warm clothes, toiletries and teddy bears for the 1.5 millions refugees displaced from Syria in Lebanon. The campaign ends on 19th November when they will be filling two 40ft containers in Leyland to be shipped to Lebanon and are still asking for donations, please check on their website or on: donate at their justgiving site:

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